Friday, June 25, 2010


We are really enjoying our time here in Montana. We spent several days in the Missoula area and we will return someday to explore more. We went way up north across rolling plains and into mountains to explore the area where A. B. Guthrie lived and used as the setting for his fur trading books. Very remote, rugged, and beautiful. Then we explored Garnet, an old mining ghost town that has been preserved by several government agencies and private donations. Again, remote, rugged, and beautiful.

We are now in Butte, MT, but several days ago JC insisted we buy a couple of vacuum packed buffalo rib eyes. I was reluctant because buffalo is lower in fat than regular beef and I just didn't see how that could translate to a good steak.

Well, I was wrong!!
These were really tender and tasty!
Paired with a really great Washington Merlot that we had been saving - Yum yum - good eats!!


  1. If it was too low in fat, you just make a butter sauce....ha!

  2. Wow...Looks delicious! Beautiful grill marks too!

  3. Baked sweet potato looks like an awesome idea! yums!