Sunday, September 27, 2009

TexMex (or dirty mexican as my girls call it)

We love "mexican" food. (We also love New Mexican cuisine, but that is totally different and a blog for another day!) We are often disappointed when we eat mexican and you just never know about the quality, so I decided to make it at home from now on. I'm ambitious that way sometimes!
The first attempt was ok, but I need to work on the rice for sure. The beans were canned great northerns that I rinsed and smashed into a small amount of sauteed bacon and onions and added some spices. The enchiladas were good, but needed more sauce on them. I used PW's recipe for the meat and maybe if I had followed the rest of her recipe they would have been better. I did doctor her meat recipe and made some great meat pies - will blog on those later.
More to come . . . . .

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yummy, Yummy . . . NOMS!!!!!

Any one who knows me at all knows that I love small plate/appetizer dishes!!
I have to tell you that these babies are some of the best NOMS (Hiya, Bo) you will ever taste!
These are Pioneer Woman's Bacon Wrapped Jalepeno Thingies (click on the name to go to the recipe). And they are unbelievably yummy!! A word of warning, get some food safe gloves for cleaning the peppers and make more than you think you and your guests could possibly eat - they are that good!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Road Food Again - Sorta!

Yesterday we took a day trip to Jackson, WY, through the Grand Tetons. Jackson is a ski resort town sort of a cross between Santa Fe, NM and Whislter, BC.
There were four of these antlered archways at each corner of the downtown plaza.
We encountered this family moose unit on our way through the park.
But, of course, it's all about the food! JC emailed a friend of his whose son used to live in Jackson and he recommended a place for lunch. It was a BBQ restaurant that is a favorite of the locals and the prices weren't bad for a ski resort town. We both had the pulled pork lunch plate with a choice of sides.
Bubba's (515 W. Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001) good barbeque and sides with prices that won't break the bank - don't miss it if you are in the area!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Road Food Again!

We met some people in Glacier who we knew were going to be here in Yellowstone when we arrived. We looked them up and they suggested having dinner tonight at an interesting steak house they had discovered some years past on a previous trip.

It was certainly "interesting"! You order at the counter when you walk in and you are presented with your uncooked steak and told to go to the back of the restaurant and cook it yourself. Quite a novel approach and actually a lot of fun. We split the above steak and ordered an extra salad (it comes with a really good salad and bread).
You go to the grill area, season your steak and grill it and your bread if you want.
You can also saute your own onions.
Man, that was a good steak. JC cooked it a little too rare at first, so he just went back to the grill and fine tuned it!
I'm not sure why, but there are dollar bills with messages all over the place - and hats - and t-shirts - and underwear!!
Yes - that is the neon sign in a satellite dish from the dark ages!!
Eino's Tavern, 9 miles N of West Yellowstone on US Hwy 191.

Friday, September 4, 2009


These are my hiking boots.
These are my hiking socks and I love my hiking socks . . .
But not as much as I LOVE my hiking boots - if I ever have to go "formal" again, I'm painting these babies "patent leather black" and gluing sequins to them - I love them that much!!
These are my hiking poles.
I love them almost as much as my hiking boots!
And this is my new camera - don't know where my other one is - blonde or senior moment has claimed it. I may love my new camera as much as my hiking boots - we'll see!!