Saturday, May 14, 2011


JC and I are now grandparents and we are absolutely thrilled.  Because this is a public blog and I am overly cautious (not that many read it), there won't be much personal about the little darling.  We are absolutely giddy with delight.  We are half a world away from him and that is hard but we have had many updates, including videos, which makes the distance easier to handle.  Just can't decide what he should call us!!  : ))

We call them little B#%$&@*'s

If you recall, the last blog dealt with the thrill of discovering cardinals at our windows on our first morning at Cloud Nine RV Park in Hot Springs.  We rushed around at the crack of dawn, looking for the video camera, convinced that we would miss filming them if we didn't hurry. 

We certainly could have saved ourselves the trouble because multiple cardinals, including at least one female, have taken up the fight to rid their territory of the cardinals that they see reflected in our coach windows.  We are in the process of taking measures to discourage the birds.  JC likens it to the antics of the poor coyote in the old Road Runner cartoons.  We haven't ordered the TNT or anvils yet, but we are close.

Here's the result so far:

Friday, May 6, 2011

On The Road Again!!

Just a quick note and a promise to do better with this blog thing.  We have said good by to our friends (the ones who hadn't left yet) at Palm Creek and are now in NW Arkansas visiting my mother who had heart surgery recently.  Moving on to Hot Springs for several months to check out the Village and base ourselves while we make several trips, including one to Denmark go visit our new grandchild.

Just before leaving PC, I got together with a group of ladies who are big beaders.  We call ourselves the "Bodacious Beaders" and I'm looking forward to next year and learning more about beading.  In the meantime, I've made trips to Michaels and Jo Anns and have several projects planned.

I leave you with this picture of a cactus flower that I took before we left AZ.  Love it when the desert blooms!!