Monday, July 26, 2010

Crazy Woman Canyon, WY

  We recently explored the area around Buffalo, WY and one of the most impressive drives we did was through Crazy Woman Canyon.  There are several legends explaining the name - from that of a white woman who witnessed the massacre of her entire family by indians to the poorly translated indian word for prostitute.

Crazy Woman Creek forms the canyon and it is a lovely, rushing stream.

This is a narrow canyon . . .


With sheer rock faces and overhangs that crowd the narrow, one lane road.

We've seen these wild roses before.  They have such a wonderful smell that permeates the air anywhere near them.

We came out of the canyon into a grassy plain and this little darling was as intrigued by us as we were by her.  She posed for quite a while - long enough for me to get a picture with my little camera and for JC to get his big ole D90 out and take some shots.  Not to worry, her parent was standing guard, but too far away for good pictures!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cupcake card

Here is a card I made because I needed a birthday card and because Mary at Cricut Cardz Challenge was having a cake/cupcake challenge. This is my first entry to a challenge (I'm a little nervous).
I made the card using the Doodle Charms cart and my recently purchased Gypsy. I made the cupcake a little small because I wanted the Cuttlebug birthday embossing to show. If I make this card again, I may make the cupcake bigger!
I'm trying to dress up the inside of my cards more. Sending this to my Mom for her birthday.

Kick Back Card

I made this card recently for the birthday of a dear friend.

Some elements are from the "Just Because Cards" Cricut cartridge, but I can't leave well enough alone and altered the saying from "just kickin back" to "just kick back" because that makes more sense to me!!
Then your message can read "and have a good birthday/retirement/trip/life/day/etc." : )