Friday, June 18, 2010

Road Food - Western Style

JC and I took a drive through the Methow Valley in Washington a couple of days ago (more to come on the valley). We wound up in the very "western" town of Winthrop. I remembered it from a trip we had taken up to Canada years ago and it was just as charming now as then.

If it weren't for the cars, you could almost imagine another time.

This fellow certainly seems to be enjoying his ice cream!!

We were hungry for more substantial fare and chose a place just outside of the touristy main street area. JC's pastrami with a mustardy aioli was really good!

My turkey/bacon/ranch on a spinach tortilla was nice, but you see that stuff in the big black cup??

This is the reason to eat here. Creamy chicken and wild rice soup. Yum yum yum!!!

It tastes like Chicken and Dumplings, but with lots of other good stuff in it.

The Valley Hub in Wintrop, WA. Eat here - you won't regret it!!


  1. That place is so cute! The soup looks fabulous....

  2. Yes, I think you picked the clear winner with the soup! I would have loved the peas in it. Did JC sample half of it? : )