Friday, September 4, 2009


These are my hiking boots.
These are my hiking socks and I love my hiking socks . . .
But not as much as I LOVE my hiking boots - if I ever have to go "formal" again, I'm painting these babies "patent leather black" and gluing sequins to them - I love them that much!!
These are my hiking poles.
I love them almost as much as my hiking boots!
And this is my new camera - don't know where my other one is - blonde or senior moment has claimed it. I may love my new camera as much as my hiking boots - we'll see!!


  1. Good show and tell mom!! Sweet new camera too! Sometimes I "lose" things when I want something new. : )

  2. I loved how you staged all of your props. I have to admit. When I borrowed your walking poles in seattle...they were fabulous! I am so glad that you have found a hiking shoe that fits and feels good. I have never been that lucky. :-(

  3. Aren't they called nordic walking poles Maybe you should bring them to Denmark to try them out.