Monday, June 10, 2013

Rainbow Falls Trail

We had another lovely day of Jeeping yesterday.  We did the Rainbow Falls Trail - don't know why it's called that - sure didn't see any falls!!

"Airing down" the tires before we get into the rough and tumble!

 Unbelievable vistas!!  The camera just doesn't do them justice.

 This trail was a lot of fun to drive.  It was undulating, curvy, hilly, and alternately sandy and then rocky.  Some of the curves were pitched enough that it reminded me of the 4th turn at Talledega!  ; )

 There was only one rocky climb where "spotting" was necessary.

This trail is very popular with ATV and dirt bike riders and there are lots of play areas off the main road.  We might not do it again on a weekend for that reason, but it is definitely a fun trail!!

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