Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jeepn - Again!!

For the second time since we've been in Colorado this summer, we rented a jeep and went exploring areas where we are not willing to take our 4WD truck.  I think we may just have to break down and get one of these useful toys!!

Some times you don't realize how high in elevation you are and there are such peaceful, lovely meadows.

Then reality sets in.  Many of the trails we did were classified as "4's" which are somewhat intimidating. Fortunately, I'm married to a man with nerves of steel and I can just shut my eyes if I want!!  ; )  You can see the road we had just climbed in the foreground in this picture.

Yep -the air is a little thin up here!

We saw old mining ghost towns - this is in the ghost town of Animas forks and below is the famous Walsh house.  Famous, I think, because it had a bay window.

This is just one of many mining mill remnants.

The vistas and scenery are incredible and pictures just can't capture how amazing they are.

Of course, there are always interesting creatures to see.

Can you find the little darlin' here?

Looks like we may have found a new hobby/obsession!!

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