Saturday, May 14, 2011

We call them little B#%$&@*'s

If you recall, the last blog dealt with the thrill of discovering cardinals at our windows on our first morning at Cloud Nine RV Park in Hot Springs.  We rushed around at the crack of dawn, looking for the video camera, convinced that we would miss filming them if we didn't hurry. 

We certainly could have saved ourselves the trouble because multiple cardinals, including at least one female, have taken up the fight to rid their territory of the cardinals that they see reflected in our coach windows.  We are in the process of taking measures to discourage the birds.  JC likens it to the antics of the poor coyote in the old Road Runner cartoons.  We haven't ordered the TNT or anvils yet, but we are close.

Here's the result so far:


  1. I like the "fake cobra" comment. Where did you get those snakes from? I have a feeling that Daddy will be scaring momma with them for years to come...


  2. I think he knows better than that!!