Thursday, October 7, 2010

Colorado Road Food

So you all know how much we love good cheap food and this is one of those places.  We actually discovered this bar several nights before I took these pictures.  That night, however, there was a musical "event" and things were crazy so I didn't take pictures.  The food was so good that we had to go back again!!

The draft PBR's (Pabst Blue Ribbon) were really cold and served in frosted glasses - Yum!!

These tacos were delicious and well crafted - just look at those fresh tomatoes and lettuce!

Retiree's dream - dinner for two under $10!

Bear Creek Saloon & Grill in Pagosa Springs, Co.  Don't miss the happy hour tacos and PBR's. 


  1. That looks like so much fun!! Tacos looked really fresh! You gotta love a frosted mug too.... Btw, the receipt for the meal doesn't add up. Looks like you were over charged.

  2. Good catch, sis! Do retirees go back and ask for a free meal if they were charged $0.02 more? Do it, and blog about it!