Saturday, May 15, 2010

Osso Buco

Years and years ago, JC came home from a trip to Montreal talking about a fabulous dish he'd had called Osso Buco. Well, you know I'm going to make it, right? I've been making this dish ever since and I use a recipe (click to go there) by Emeril Lagasse that calls for two 8 oz pieces of veal shank. You could easily add two more pieces of veal and not change any of the other ingredients.
Serve with white or brown rice, crusty bread, and a rich hearty red wine. Yum!!


  1. And hers is better than what I had in Montreal! Love it.

  2. Oh sweet! Daddy knows if you compliment the chef, it just encourages her to continue cooking! Yummy!

  3. Definitely looks like a hearty stew...did you stand on a chair to take the first pic? :-)

  4. JC actually took the foto - I'm not sure where my camera is. : (