Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Myrtle Edwards Park

JC and I found it difficult to exercise like we should when we were on our RV trip, so we are trying to make up for it now.  Our favorite place to walk/run is Myrtle Edwards Park on the shores of Elliott Bay.
The entrance to the park is also the Seattle Art Museum Sculpture Park - I just don't get how a giant typewriter eraser is art - whatever!
The sleeping giant.

The Rose Garden.

This place is so beautiful that even walking it on a cold, rainy day is a treat but, when the sun shines, it's glorious!


  1. Wow those pictures are incredible! I especially love the flower and the "sleeping giant" Were there many people out today or did you make them all move so you could take pictures?

  2. The pics were incredible...Did you snap all of those today? Was the mountain really out like that? I definitely think in weather like this, you should do some rooftop grilling! :-)

  3. Actually there were quite a few people out and it's almost too hot to grill on the roof unless we make it a late supper.