Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We've been out RV'n for 5 months and finally rolled in to the city a few days ago.  Tonight, we were able to have dinner out with our good friends A and G at a new place they have discovered called Gambas.  Japanese/French - hmmm - doesn't really compute.
Gambas is a minimalist little hole in the wall that serves up delicious fare, both Japanese and French.  JC doesn't do sushi, so he was excited to hear the "French" after sushi when I told him where we were going.
JC opted to start with the chicken sausage gumbo.  It was delicious.  Now, since we are from the south, I have to tell you it is not the southern cajun, clear your sinuses gumbo that you might expect, but a very light sausage and rice concoction with a definite asian influence.
My friend G had the madako baby octopus salad served with a pepper cilantro vinaigrette.  I forgot to take a picture (sue me - I'm new at this!!!).  She ate every bite so it must have been good.  She also had a tuna and avocado and an eel roll.  Both of which were delicious.
I had the avocado salad - lovely.  And a california roll and a shrimp tempura roll - also lovely. Our friend A is a frequent customer here and they are happy to make a special california roll substituting scallion for the cucumber. 
JC also had the halibut, pan seared and served with lobster fettucini and gargantuan asparagus - YUMMY.  We will definitely eat here again and - WAIT - Japanese/French does compute!!


  1. I like to eat too. Sometimes I start before j takes the photos. When I do however, the worst thing that can happen is that we'll have to come back. :-) jc

  2. Definitely going back!!

  3. Japanese + French is fusion, right? I think this is the new trend in restaurants. Good pics. :)

  4. All of that looks fabulous! I looked at the menu, and the lunch menu and portions looked very reasonable. The picture showed on the window that they advertised Happy Hour from 4-7. I wonder what specials they have during that time??? The halibut looked fabulous....(I know Mom could not resist the shrimp tempura rolls either!!)

  5. Hmmm - tempura = fried - well of couse I can't resist them!!
    We'll try the Happy Hour when you visit!